Out- Of- School Campaigns

We have an upcoming Out-Of-School Campaign to help students find their path to learning again. Here are quick reasons why they get out of school:
Students who dropout because of something that happens outside of school—they become pregnant, get arrested or have to work to support members of their family.
Also, students who fail to succeed in school and attend schools that fail to provide them with the environments and supports they need to succeed. For some, initial failure is the result of poor academic preparation, for others, it is rooted in unmet social-emotional needs.
Few students drop out after their initial experience with failure. In fact, most persist for years, only dropping out after they fall so far behind that success seems impossible or they are worn down by repeated failure. In the meantime, they are literally waving their hands saying “help” through poor attendance, acting out and/or course failure.
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The Drive

The I.Q.R.A Foundation believes that education holds the key to transform the African continent. We aim to reach the most disadvantaged people in West Africa and help them in their quest to be active and productive members of the society.

I.Q.R.A hopes to develop a community based alliance that will involve using available resources to provide primary education to every child.

IQRA’s mission is to ensure that by the year 2020, most if not all of every child in Nigeria; West Africa has the opportunity to primary education by educating parents, providing funds for graduating students and a long term goal of funding students entire education on a need and merit basis.



The Need

Many children come from households struggling to provide them with enough food, let alone the school materials they need to take notes in class, do their homework or study. Initiatives that will help improve children’s school performance and attendance, to progress through the grades and to stay in school are very much needed.